The benefits of rural tourism

Agritourism is a very good opportunity to take a break from the “frantic” and rapidly changing city life, plunge into the silence and measuredness of the village, feel and feel your involvement in the harmony of nature, learn the roots of national cultural traditions, taste delicious healthy dishes, get acquainted with the peculiarities of agricultural production in the local area.

The main advantages of introducing rural tourism:
– An increase in the influx of tourists;
– Attracting investment;
– An increase in the number of small businesses in rural areas;
– Development of personal subsidiary plots;
– Reducing the migration of rural residents to cities;
– Creation of additional jobs;
– The growth of incomes and improving the living standards of rural residents with relatively low financial costs;
– Improving the well-being of the rural population and achieving financial and budgetary self-sufficiency of the regions as a whole;
– Increase in revenues to regional and local budgets;
– Increase in sales of products of personal peasant farming and farming;
– Development of the service sector by expanding the range of tourism services;
– Preservation of local attractions, local customs, folklore, folk crafts.

Thursday, 7 November, 2019