Rural tourism development

Recently, people living in big cities have been bored by nature, by living in natural, environmentally friendly conditions. The desire to learn how everything grows on earth, how our ancestors lived, to communicate with nature has created a new tourism industry. Such concepts as rural tourism, ecotourism (ecotourism), agrotourism (agrotourism) have appeared.

All these concepts are similar in essence and offer outdoor recreation in the natural environment of farmers, peasants and rural residents.

We can say that the increased interest of tourists in the countryside is associated with a change in the living conditions of modern man. Because of life in big cities, health is deteriorating, and there is a need for its restoration. In addition, rest in the countryside can help in mental recovery.

Living in the countryside in the house of people who work on the land or breed animals will be interesting and informative for any city dweller. Many of them have no idea how potatoes, cucumbers or strawberries grow. Despite the country boom of the Soviet era, many do not have the opportunity to travel out of town and plunge into rural life.

Agrotourism is a new area of ​​activity with great potential in tourism and in modern agriculture.

Actual it can be determined that agritourism raises the role of local history, will help solve the problems of rural development.

Thursday, 7 November, 2019